Female news achors have been mandated to cover their faces


The Afghan Taliban have enacted a new rule requiring all television news anchors to wear a face covering. The Taliban Ministry of Virtue and Vice announced the change on Thursday and began administration over the weekend.

The Taliban said the decision was “final and non-negotiable”. adding that women could opt for medical masks. By Sunday, most female presenters had covered their faces, while some male staff were also reportedly wearing masks in support of their

International human rights groups have expressed concern that the Taliban will continue to impose strict regulations on women since they last took power. Between 1996 and 2001, during the last period of Taliban rule, women were barred from important education and public life. This time, the Taliban argued that they would take a more moderate approach. However, the week-wide rash solidified global companies.

That month, the Taliban also announced that women must cover themselves fully in public, leaving only their eyes visible. Women are also expected to leave the home only when necessary. If they don’t misbehave, their male family members could be taken to court or imprisoned. The transnational community has also urged the Taliban leaders to offer vacancies in children’s education. through sixth grade, about 11. The Taliban’s earlier promises that girls would soon have access to education have not changed to this day.