juveniles carrying guns causes fear for Police in Boston


The Boston Police Department is warning of a “disturbing” surge of children carrying illegal artillery after officers removed 15 explosive tree stumps from public roads in a single week.

We are seeing a worrying problem of many children carrying explosives,” said Boston Police Sgt. Heading into the summer months, we are clearly seeing an increase in children carrying explosivesAcademy incident, the Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force has seized 15 illegal security in colourful incidents over the past few days.

This weekend alone, officers responded around 11:00 p.m., arresting a 15-year-old girl from Dorchester and a 14-year-old girl from Boston. in the fortified robbery. The dispatcher reported that there was a man and a scooter on the ground on Middleton Street.

The teenagers were seen fleeing onto a patio and settling on a back deck. Both boys are charged in Dorchester Juvenile Court with trespassing, unlawful possession of weapons, taking weapons within 500 bases of a dwelling, unlawful possession of collateral and possession of a large volume feeding device.

About five hours earlier, commanders in the Washington Street and Dudley Street areas responded to a call to shoot a person and saw a prankster flee the line of fire on a blue city bicycle. He was in possession of a loaded arm, identified as a Smith and Wesson Class .40 chambered. and nine rounds in the magazine.